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About Us

BMDDenWe at Renaissance Geology recognise that exploration and discovery is fundamentally a creative process, but one that operates within the constraints imposed by knowledge and good scientific practice. In this context we exist to provide mineral explorers with advanced insights, technical skills and experience in the application of geology and modern structural analysis to exploration.

In order to reduce uncertainty, we apply integrated, holistic approaches that acknowledge the implications and fully coupled nature of geological processes, particularly those associated with deformation, hydrothermal fluid flow and deposit formation: that is, a systems approach.

Prediction is a key part of all exploration programs and at Renaissance Geology our observation and data driven philosophy reduces uncertainty, thereby offering clients an enhanced predictive capacity and a sound basis for planning and decision making.

A field focused multidisciplinary approach ensures a truly integrated analysis, reduces interpretational uncertainty and enhances confidence in outcomes.

Through our alliances we can bring over a century of advanced skills and experience in field and data focused modern structural analysis and mapping to exploration. If you think we may be able to help your exploration efforts, please contact us.


Global experience

We can draw on a century of field experience covering all parts of the planet. From major regional generative efforts to small focused prospect / project scale projects, we have been active in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, China, Uzbekistan, West Africa, East Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, USA and Canada. Our clients include major global mining houses right through through to small, independent exploration companies with a focus on discovery and growth.

Who We Are

Brett Davies PhD FGS

Director and Principal

Brett has applied integrated approaches to using structural geology in the business of exploration for more than 27 years. He has completed mapping, targeting and generative projects at deposit, through camp, district to regional scales in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, West Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, central and southeast Asia, USA, Canada and Argentina. Brett has held senior technical staff positions with junior to global mining companies.

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