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Exploration success is substantially predicated on the quality of the geological inputs. To achieve this quality requires that interpretations have followed a pathway that includes appropriate discrimination and integration, as well as a multidisciplinary, holistic approach.


Structural analysis

We employ an iterative, kinematically based approach to interpretation, in which analysis is time constrained, scale integrated and ‘process’ driven, rather than one that involves static ‘models’, or uses a geometry-only approach. We integrate deformation and allied geological and hydrothermal processes to minimise bias and reduce reliance on fixed models. This provides the most robust pathway for high confidence structural framework construction.



Systems approach

A structural-hydrothermal systems approach recognises the importance of understanding the relationships between source, pathways and trap sites. A particular focus for us is understanding how deformation controls trap site characteristics, their location and evolution. This fundamentally contributes to improving predictive capacity and contributes towards a better definition of the exploration expression of a mineral system at prospect, district and regional scales.




Limiting uncertainty requires appropriate integration of diverse geological and related data sets, but not just as a series of ‘additive’, or ‘static’ layers. To this end we approach all potential input datasets in a dynamic way, critically assessing them for geological veracity and interpretational sustainability before engaging them in an analysis.



Knowledge transfer

We believe that the benefit to the client increases substantially when staff are engaged with us is completing a project. This collaborative environment is therefore encouraged and recommended by us. The client benefits from effective transfer of knowledge, and how to apply it, as well as a sense of enhanced ownership of project outcomes. We also conduct public and in-house Short Courses related to applied structural geology in mineralised settings.



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