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Metallogenic Environments

Orogenic environments

A core area of expertise covers the ‘orogenic’ group of gold systems. These include styles frequently referred to as mesothermal, or lode gold deposits. System and trap site development and evolution in these systems is closely related to shortening associated with the prograde evolution of an orogen. The frequently complex expression of the vein Crenssystems that host gold in these systems are the product of progressive deformation, rather than multiple events, as is frequently interpreted. If not recognized, then uncertainty increases and this may negatively impact on the development of exploration models if not recognized.

We have completed projects on many deposits of this style from small through to super giants - including the giant Muruntau system - in Archaean to Phanerozoic hosts.


Extensional environments

Trap site development and evolution of epithermal systems represent a second area of core expertise. Analysis of the structural environment and relationships between extensional elements and mineralized positions provide well constrained guides for ongoing trap site exploration and regional searches.

ExplModelWe have been involved in many epithermal projects including the large Pajingo deposit in Queensland, Australia and the Martha deposit in New Zealand.




Other environments

Beyond these we have experience in a range of other deposit environments and styles. In all cases we apply the same process driven approaches to produce the best constrained outcomes.

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