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“A picture is worth a thousand words”

A cliché, but true. The images presented tell many stories about the nature of the geology, why a trap site occurs where it does and the relationships between elements.

Selwyn Mountains, Yukon
Deformation, failure and fluids
Scallop structure
Breccia chimney, Drake Volcanics, Northern NSW
Top of pipe environment
Historical workings, Martha LS gold system, New Zealand
Difficult access and outcrop
Vein parallel shear
Post vein displacement and new vein formation
Muruntau pit, view to SE
Martha vein with splays, view to S
High in an orogen
Hi-aspect ratio breccia: fluid induced in foliated host
Sealed shear and buckled veins
Roof thrust mylonite, altered, Muruntau pit
Extreme transposition of veins in a shear
Bjorkdal veins nucleate on hangingwall shear and propagate into host
Mylonite in limestone: it does happen
Non-coaxial folding in Au mineralised BIF at amphibolite grade

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