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Interpretation - desktop projects


We integrate desktop interpretation using remotely sensed data sets as a standard part of many mapping and other project activities. However, clients may only require reconnaissance, desktop based interpretations of the geology and structural framework using their in-house datasets, such as spectral and magnetic data.

In completing such projects we bring our substantial field experience to bear when making decisions about the geological sustainability of the resulting compilation. This is particularly important in areas of limited outcrop, where an understanding of geological processes and the constraints these impose on interpretation is important for maximising confidence in the compilation. It also provides a solid basis for highlighting the data required for confirming aspects of the interpretation and further improving confidence.



Generative projects

We have broad experience in planning and managing integrated, multidisciplinary projects directed at project generation and prospectivity assessments.The data and process driven, as well as cross scalar and time integrated nature of our approach is aimed at limiting the interpretative choices, thereby providing clear evaluation pathways to be defined.


Interpretation of geophysical and spectral datatsets

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