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Structural Analysis

Structural geology and the contraints it provides, is critical in understanding and predicting the nature and exploration expression of mineralised trap sites. The kinematic based, integrated approach to structural analysis used by Renaissance Geology is well suited to projects aimed at limiting regional targeting options and resolving the nature, architecture and evolution of known and potential trap site environments.

AltMyloniteIn the conduct of an analysis we view structural elements in the context of the overall geological environment and apply ‘process thinking’ to all stages of the interpretation and analysis process. This involves appropriate discrimination and acknowledgement of deformation processes and their implications, which limits interpretative choice and significantly improves predictive capacity. This ensures that key issues such as, for example, the timing of veining relative to foliation development, or the potential for a host elements to maintain permeability during hydrothermal fluid flow, can be confidently interpreted.

Through our associates we also offer in-mine geotechnical and related services.


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